T ekayTech is a complete Information Technology (IT) consulting company specialized in IT Service Management, infrastructure design, implementation, disaster recovery, and data lose prevention focused on small to medium-size businesses. Our team works together with you to developing a plan that will support your business needs for years to come.

Whether you have an existing IT infrastructure, would like to build a new one, or you are planning to move to the cloud, we will help you to build/strengthen or migrate your business infrastructure. If you have a problem, we have a solution: TekayTech can take care of your network configuration, installation, and support.

Managed Services To Fit Your Needs:

Our trained and certified IT consultant team will help you through every step of the design process. One of our experts will generate a full inventory list of your infrastructure applications, generate the risk assessment, make a plan to visualize all your applications, and finally will execute the conversion of all your hardware to the virtual environment.

Migrating across to this new virtual environment will give your business greater control over your systems, reducing any concerns that you might have about potential hardware failure.

Infrastructure security is one of the most significant concerns a business might have. Our IT consultant team is specialized in building secure networks. We have helped many companies review and upgrade the security of their networks.

The first step to solving your network security issues is to scan your network for vulnerabilities, and based on the results, mitigate any risks, and build a more secure network.

Our services include:

  • Install application patching system
  • Hardening your firewall and your internal network
  • Encryption the data at rest
  • Encryption of the remote backups
  • Physical security

Our technical support professionals are trained and certified in most office applications and therefore can manage and maintain your infrastructure without any interruption to your staff or business. We pride ourselves on being proactive and fixing issues before they arise. For this reason, our professional service includes a monitoring system for your infrastructure.

Whether your infrastructure is small with just a couple of employees or large with hundreds of employees, we have a solution that fits your needs.

Our IT consultant team have extensive experience in designing computer infrastructure systems; we can design an infrastructure system that starts with a couple of servers and expands to hundreds of servers.

If you want your network to be accessible from any location, we add VPN concentrator so that you can securely access your office computer and network from anywhere. This is an incredibly powerful tool for small businesses employees who spend much of their time on the road or working from home.

Based on your budget and requirements, we can design and suggest the type of infrastructure system that is most suited to your business needs.

Whether you want to use Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), Software as service (SaaS), or you want to have your own Virtual Data Center (VDC), Our IT consultant team can help you decide which solution and cloud provider is better for you based on your budget and application load, we can also manage your Virtual Data Center (VDC) infrastructure or your VM’s hosted on the cloud.

Email communications are one of the most important applications for the companies; losing email services even for a few hours can hurt a company and incur damages and losses.

Our experienced IT consultant team is certified to work on exchange email system. Based on the size of your business and budget, we can evaluate which email service is the best fit for your needs, for example, using a local exchange server or using Office 365 exchange.

If you require immediate support, our technical support professionals can remotely resolve your computer problems or assist you with software configuration. Working with remote professionals means that you can solve your problem immediately. There is no waiting for a technician to arrive, and no lost time as you struggle to manage your business. Our remote professionals can save you time and money – and get you back to work immediately.

Our IT consultant team is experienced with disaster recovery. We can build a backup system that meets all your needs based on your service level agreement (SLA) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) or Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

The points considered when we build any backup system include:

  • RPO/RTO (Recovery Point Objective/Recovery Time Objective)
  • Do you need High Availability (HA) of your application
  • Do you need Snapshots
  • Location of the replication site and distance from the main primary site
  • Do you need offsite backup storage

How we execute our work:

In this phase, we focus on listening to your needs so we can take over and begin the process of fixing/strengthening the current processes within your system:

  • Enhancing your help desk experience
  • Fixing all your immediate problems
  • Strengthen the existing network so that you have less down times and fewer interruptions

In this phase, we document all of your systems and applications and begin formulating a plan to migrate them from the existing traditional hardware to virtual machines. In this way, we prepare you to move to the cloud when the time is right.

  • Create a full list of systems and applications
  • Create a risk assessment including grading each application
  • Build a new virtual machine that is redundant based on the SLA of the client
  • Start Physical to Virtual (P2V) the servers that can be mobilized
  • Start preparing the design of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Virtual Data Center (VDC)

This is phase focuses on completing the build of the new network, and ensuring that the client is ready either to move to the cloud or to keep using their own private Virtual Data Center (VDC). In this stage, all client machines are mobilized machines. All applications are graded and are in the correct High Availability (HA) policy.

To complete this stage, we add the following services:

  • VPN remote access capabilities
  • If possible, we publish the applications using the web so that they are accessible from anywhere
  • We start building Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for the client so that the new desktops can be available from anywhere
  • Enhance the security with an intrusion detection system and vulnerability scanners
  • Enhance the network with a better backup system based on the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) or Recovery Time objective (RTO)

Choosing the right team and the right services:

We provide Flat Fee proactive IT solutions for businesses that offer significant savings over traditional methods. On-Site & Remote Service reduce headaches and increase efficiency.

Implement new technologies with virtualization. TekayTech will pool your key resources and services including computing, storage, networking, management, and business applications to enable new IT services that can be delivered on demand.

If you have decided to move your IT systems onto the cloud, working with TekayTech means you will not have to worry about your infrastructure/patching or downtime. Once migrated across to your new virtual infrastructure, you can work from anywhere, enjoy increased collaboration and communication, as well as feel confident your content is secure with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Backup & Disaster Recovery Virtualization.

When you collaborate with us, you save time and stress. We offer a broad range of solutions for your company including start-up and enhanced support, project management, migration management.

Comparison between Cloud System and an On Premise System:

Cloud Provider

  • Setup Cost: Low up-front cost: then pay by usage.
  • Growth: Services can be allocated based on usage, the system is elastic, so you can allocate more resources in your busy seasons and then reduce the resources in your down seasons.
  • Security: The Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the backup strategy of your cloud provider should be studied carefully so that you know if your data is going to mingle with another clients, or if the data will move between borders for backup or disaster recovery.
  • Downtime: Depends on your SLA and the cost, you might not have any downtime.
  • Hardware: No hardware requirements.

On Premise system

  • Setup Cost: One-time cost, and then hardware maintenance or upgrade.
  • Growth: You might have performance issues depending on your load. If you over-provisioned your hardware, you paid more for your system than you are using. If you under-provisioned your system, you are going to have performance issues in your busy seasons.
  • Security: Your data is secure as it resides on your own hardware.
  • Downtime: Possible downtime when doing an upgrade.
  • Hardware: Specific hardware requirements based on your SLA.