The company’s desktops, servers, storage DAS/NAS/SAN, and network infrastructure are the center of any business. To continue running as efficiently as possible, the system requires monitoring, up to date patching and ongoing maintenance so that you do not experience interruption of services and to maximize your uptime.

At TekayTech, we make your desktops, network, server infrastructure and storage easier to manage, more stable, more efficient, and more secure. Clients depend on our expertise to proactively maintain their desktops, servers and networks and ultimately, ensure that IT investments are delivering as promised.

Our managed services include a 24×7 Monitoring system that keeps an eye on your network and allows us to ensure that your system’s services are optimized and running as efficiently as possible at all times.

TekayTech monitors your servers, network devices, laptops, and workstations including your printers.

Our Infrastructure Management services include:

arrow bullet Infrastructure monitoring
arrow bullet Remote Support and Administration
arrow bullet Upgrade Network hardware
arrow bullet

Install software patches and firmware updates

  • Servers
  • Firewalls
  • NAS / SAN
  • Desktop / Laptops
arrow bullet Install any new software your company needs on servers and/or desktops/laptops
arrow bullet

Troubleshoot any of your IT issues

  • Servers
  • NAS /SAN
  • VPN
  • Desktops / Laptops
  • Printing issues
  • Cabling / Wiring / Wireless
arrow bullet Remove Malware • Ransomware • Exploits • Viruses from servers and desktops/laptops
arrow bullet Proactive 24/7 threat hunting with our Managed Threat Response Package